I have had folks ask for a more sustainable Structural Insulated Panel for years. I have been unable to supply anything but our standard panel for code built houses. However when I started working on Tiny Houses I thought why not. So we have developed a SIP with a 1/2″ inner sheet of Bamboo Plywood | 3″ of Cork | and an outer sheet of 1/2″ exterior plywood.
The challenging part of this type of panel besides the low volume and higher price of the components is the 4ft by 8ft limitation. The first design using this panel is a modified 8×20 Connex. I have lowered the roof to 8ft now the interior floor walls and ceiling are bamboo. A small veneer strip will need to go over each seam where the panels come together or they will need to be VERY carefully fitted during assembly.

Give us a call if you are interested in this new SIP and design.

Written by Patrick