If you want a place to call home that is less expensive than a traditional Timber Frame house but with a classically beautiful timbered look, a Hybrid Frame and Panel structure may be you are looking for. This type of building offers the best of both worlds, with post frame construction and structural insulated panels (SIPs). These elements make for a home that is affordable, energy efficient and visually appealing..
Timber Framing uses mortise and tenon joints with wood pegs to join the posts and beams. The whole building or just a portion of it can be timber framed. We have had the joy of working with several timber frame companies and their clients closing in their timber frames with SIPs.

Post Frame construction uses steel plates to connect the posts and beams and often uses GluLam beams. This can be an affordable option for some projects. We often use this type of construction in our structures to add a striking visual element to the structure. It can also makes the construction of the SIP envelope simpler.

Take a look around if you don’t find what you are looking for contact us we may be working on a template.

Our Hybrid Frame and Panel Structures can be provided with the following Roof styles:

  • Single slope (shed) at 5 deg.-10-deg.-15-deg. or 20-deg.
  • Gable at 15 deg.-20-deg.-25-deg. or 30-deg.
  • Offset gable (saltbox) 30 deg. one side and 15 deg. on the other.
  • Clear Story (solar)

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