Hybrid Frame and Panel Structures utilize a Post and Beam Frame to attach Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) to. The frame can be a true timber frame with mortise and tenon joints connected with wood pegs. It could also be a GluLam frame with steel plate connectors for a modern look or Full cut timbers. Some buildings lend themselves to using a frame because of their size or shape.

While you or your contractor are preparing the concrete foundation, our state of the art factory will be fabricating your structural Insulated panel (SIP)  package to exacting specifications. Your frame will be made either by hand in a craftsman wood shop or on a CNC routing machine. When your package arrives it can be assembled in just a matter of a few days by you and a couple friends or we have contractors in most areas that can assist you from close in to complete finish if you need that level of service.

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