If your dream home is environmentally friendly, mobile and from 128-300 square feet in size, you may be interested in our Artisan Tiny House on Wheels packages. These tiny houses on wheels, among other benefits, offer simplicity, energy efficiency and ease of construction. Finding the right Tiny House for you is as easy as choosing the Width 8′-0″ / 8′-4″ or 8′-9″ ┬áselecting the Length 16 ft. 20 ft. 24 ft. 28 ft. in a pull behind style and a 32 ft. and 36 ft. 5th wheel style. Then choose a roof style. Now your ready to order one of or stock plans. We offer the option of customizing your plan in real time 3D by having you come to our computer screen from anywhere, where we can move windows and doors around to meet your design goals.

All of our trailers and SIP packages are custom designed to meet and exceed the Park Model Code . Once you pick your home we offer the ability to pick up your trailer load the panel kit on it and deliver it to your build site. Please see our catalog for further details on sizing.