ATHoW Standard Package 0815

Architectural digital PDF file
SIP Shop assembly digital PDF file.

SIP Panels:

Floor – 4″ Structural Insulated Panels R-16
Wall – 4″ Structural Insulated Panels R-16
Roof – 4″ Structural Insulated Panels R-16
Structural beams, posts
All door and openings cut
Lumber (#2 and better), as needed, for assembly

Bolts to attach to the trailer
SIP Screws and plate fasteners
Foam and foam gun, mastic and mastic gun
House wrap and tapes

Interior stair framing, wall finishes, paint, stain, etc.
Plumbing systems and fixtures, electrical systems and fixtures
Cabinets and counters, floor finishes, interior doors and trim
Labor to erect on-site

Optional (at additional cost):

Trailer Custom designed for SIP Package
Thicker SIPs for increased R-values or higher loads
On-site training for owner builder assembly party