Artisan Dwelling Units

Accessory Dwelling Unit Plans is our category of smaller homes, cabins, cottages. As a primary residence our plans go up to about 1200 square feet in size. Whether your dream is a single slope roof modern home to mount solar panels on, or a gable roof traditional to fit into an existing neighborhood we know SIPs can make it a better building.

Accessory dwelling unit, Granny Flat, Backyard Cottage, all mean the same thing a small living unit, secondary to the main house. Our plans for ADUs run up to 800 square feet as that is the largest you can build in most jurisdiction.

The west coast especially has a housing crisis because of migration and overpopulation. ADUs are one way to add housing and help homeowners with a little more income or the option of downsizing into the ADU while renting out the big house

No matter what you call it, when you are ready for a smaller living space we have a solution for you. Accessory Dwelling Unit Plans are easy to read full color plans with a 3d model.The best projects we have worked on in our career have been around 1200 Sq Ft or less so Working with smaller home plans and a Structural Insulated Panel packages is a natural for us.

While you or your contractor are preparing the site and the concrete foundation, our state of the art factory will be fabricating your Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) package, to your customized drawings. When your SIP package arrives it can be assembled in just a matter of a few days by you and a couple friends or we have contractors in most areas that can assist you from close in to complete finish no matter what level of service you need.

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