In the last 100 years of building we have learned that in order to make a building seriously High Performance (energy efficient) it takes four element.

1-Enough insulation for the climate (usually quite a bit more than code requires)
2-The building needs to be relatively air tight (1 to-2 ACH@50)
3-There needs to be minimal thermal bridging
4-You need fresh air and keep the humidity < 60% RH We have developed three systems with varying levels of performance for our building packages. All of them help you achieve greater levels of comfort and savings. Good is what we have been building for the last fifteen years. It includes an I-joist floor sytem with R-30 Floor insulation, 6″ R-24 SIP walls and a 10″ R-40 SIP roof. This package meets and exceeds state level energy codes for Oregon and WA today. Better is a big step ahead of code. Using a complete SIP enclosure for the building 10″ R-40 SIP floor system, 8″ R-32 SIP walls and 12″ R-48 SIP roof. Best is for folks who want to spend a few extra dollars today to save on their energy cost for the rest of their lives. Perfect for LEED NetZero or toward Passive House Using a complete SIP enclosure for the building 12″ R-48 SIP floor system, 6″ or 8″ R-32 SIP walls with an insulating wrap on the outside, and 12″ R-48 SIP roof. This type of building would use very good triple pane windows.