Ordering our Tiny House Plans


Discovery Sheet:

This one-page (12” x 18” PDF) document is a color perspective rendering as well as diagrams of a floor plan, elevation and through-section of the building. It’s a great way to look at and share your idea with folks to see if it’s something you’d really like to do. If so, come back and buy the more detailed Drawing Set.

Drawing Set:

This is a set of 5-7 pages of drawings (12” x 18” PDF’s) and includes a full-page color perspective rendering, a floor plan with dimensions, the elevations and sections.
This is also called the schematic design and will give you enough information in a larger format to begin gathering information for your project. After filling in some of the details, you can take this to a builder and/or sub-contractor(s) for estimating costs to see if it’s going to fit your budget.
From this Drawing Set, we can also provide you with an Estimate for the structural insulated panel (SIP) package. It will not be a firm Quote until a final set of architectural drawings and any engineering, if required are complete.

Full Set of Plans:

This is a stock off-the-shelf set of architectural drawings suitable for taking to a contractor and/or submitting for your building permit, if required. It does include Structural Insulated Panel plans called shop drawings for a SIP manufacturer to use to input into their system.This does not have a site drawing or energy information required by most jurisdictions for a home. For most of the Bakyard Structures it will be enough.


To have your plans printed you can take them to Office Depot, Office Max, or FedX the other option is a shop that specializes in prints for builders. 12″ x 18″ is a standard architectural size. Sometimes you may need to have it printed on 11″ x 17″ that will clip the edges off but not enough to matter until the final set.

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The Typical Process:

Pick a Tiny House Plan that’s close to what you want and download a Discovery Sheet.  If you don’t see a template that’s close enough to what you envisioned, let us know and we may be working on one that is. With a Discovery Sheet in hand, talk over your plans with anyone else who might be involved (e.g. spouse, friends and neighbors, etc.) and that could include your city or county building department for things like set-backs from property lines, building height restrictions, etc. Repeat as needed until you find a building that will meet all your needs.

Once you have selected the Tiny House Plan model that’s right for you, come back and buy the schematic* Drawing Set, which you can use for customizing the plan. What is the roof pitch you need? Where would you like the windows and doors?  At this stage, we’re mostly concerned with the exterior structure. we can refine the interior after you check to see about the finished cost. When we complete this customization we will include a 3d model for your use.

Now you can take your custom Tiny House Plan schematic Drawing Set with our Job Costing Sheet (including the cost of our SIP building package) and begin to gather “estimates” of the cost to build out your structure. At this point you are only looking for “budget” numbers. Talk to an excavator, a foundation contractor, an electrician, and a plumber along with window/door and roofing/siding suppliers to get a somewhat-accurate cost to build your dream.  If it isn’t going to work financially, this is the place to find that out.

Now you can decide to:

1. Move ahead with your project,
2. Find a few more dollars or up your savings program, or
3. Downsize your dream to make it more affordable. (It’s okay!)

There is no other way to realistically arrive at this point. Until you have a drawing and some realistic estimates, it will continue to swirl around in your head. This is the path of creating: start with an idea, a dream > put it on paper > gather information > build a team > gather the materials > walk the process step-by-step > revel in the finished creation. People tend to throw around Estimates per square foot; these figures can be used for a quick and dirty guess; however, they will not tell you what your project will cost in your area, at this time, with the quality of finishes that you want.
Once you’ve decided to move ahead with your project, we will work with you on customizing changes to to the interior to make it fit  your lifestyle.

At this point we can provide a full set of architectural drawings for obtaining a permit and discuss the options for the SIP package. e.g. insulation level with or without a lumber package, to provide a closer estimate of the final cost.

*Schematic (noun): A drawing or sketch showing how a system works at an abstract level. Our Drawing Set contains 3-5 pages (depending on the size of the building) of detailed drawings with enough information to move to the next step.