Post Frame Construction is the new name for Pole Barns. Pole Barns I mean Post Frame buildings are a great product to cover farm machinery.
they were never designed to be a shop for a serious craftsman.
The Pros:
They are inexpensive
They are fairly quick to put up.
The Cons:
They need to have insulation and interior sheathing added to use year round.
They can detract from the value of your property
They can have a limited life span if the post are direct buried.

With our designs we combine the best of Post Frame construction and add some great features using SIPs.
We never bury post in the ground
Using SIPs for the sides and roof you get an insulated bird and vermin proof building
With SIPs any type of roofing and siding can be used. Match your home to add value and curb appeal to your home.