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This ADU assessment gathers the available information on your property. We then use the latest ADU zoning information for you area. We analyze the lot coverage allowed. the percentage of the main house allowed, along with the setbacks for your building zone. The goal is to come up with the actual size ADU you can build whether it is attached or detached.

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When you order an ADU assessment here we will begin the work based on the address included in your order. Use the shipping address if you want us to analyze a different address. When the work is finished we will call you to set up a time to meet with you or send you the information and go over it in a phone call.
An ADU assessment includes researching your property in the city or county records to analyze the amount of lot coverage allowed in your zone. We also look at the percentage of square footage allowed based on the main home, as well as setbacks from property lines. Some ADU requirements also include a setback from the main home. The goal of the assessment is to determine just what type of ADU and what size would on your property.


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