by Patrick Sughrue

I hitch-hiked to the Haight in 68.
Food for the asking at Hara Krishna, a place to crash not far away
I learned that simplicity is the way.
Built a cabin on the back of my old truck, a flat-head 6 to make it run
“Be Here Now” is my book of choice, with lots of time to take a look.
I learned that Simplicity is the way.
Moved to a cabin in a canyon in the Hood…River valley
Learned to bake bread, milk a cow and more
Chopping wood and carrying water is my daily chore
Living in sync with the honey bees
I learned that simplicity is the way.
Though Little by little I lost my way
Back in the city with a job for pay
A house and mortgage too big, no play
A shop full of tools I hardly use
Somehow Little by little I had lost my way
Off to John Day by chance one day for a festival of the sun
These folks look familiar…the story they tell, rings true like a bell
I keep coming back there is something to like.
The classes I took the venders I met they all steered me back
I have found my way
I Re-learned that simplicity is the way.
Thanks to the folks in John Day.

This was published in the SOlWest Poem Book 2013