The SNW system

Let’s keep it simple and get going,
if you follow these step you will be able to move forward with your plan to build your ______ fill in the blank.

Pick a template that is close to what you want and download a dream sheet. If you don’t see a template that is close talk to us we may be working on one that is closer to what you want. When you have talked it over with anyone else involved, Spouses friends and neighbors, oh and you might need to talk with your city or county building department for things like set back from property lines, building height restrictions etc. repeat as needed until you find a building that will meet your needs..

Come back and buy a schematic drawing set which come with our ideas on how it looks and It will include a blank floor plan and elevations. (side views)
Show us how you think it would look best for your situation. Which roof style and pitch where would you like the windows and doors? Included in the purchase price is one (1) redraw with your changes. At this stage we are only concerned with the exterior enclosure of the structure. Yes you will want to pencil in your intended rooms to make sure the building has enough room for all of its intended uses.

Now you can take your custom schematic drawing and our job costing sheet with the cost of the building package from SNW and begin to gather “estimates” of the cost to build your structure. At this time you are only looking for “Budget numbers”.
Talk to an excavator, a foundation contractor, electrician, and plumber along with window/door and roofing/siding suppliers to get a somewhat accurate cost to build your dream. If it isn’t going to work this is the place to find that out.

Now you can either:
1-Downsize your dream to make it more affordable. (that’s OK)
2-Find a few more dollars or up your saving program.
3-Move ahead with the project.

There is no other way to realistically arrive at this point. Until you have a drawing and some estimates it will continue to swirl around in your head. This is the path of creating. An idea a dream > put it on paper > build a team > gather the materials > walk the process step by step > rejoice in the finished creation.

(Noun) A drawing or sketch showing how a system works at an abstract level.
Our schematic set contain 3-4 pages of drawing with enough information to move to the next step.