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Moveable Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses on wheels plans come in many sizes and shapes.  We provide plans and a Structural Insulated Panel package (SIP) on a custom trailer built especially for tiny houses. Our designs range from an 8ft by12 ft mini to an 8′-9″ wide by 36 ft long fifth wheel model. A Tiny House on wheels can be a perfect solution for affordable housing. Do you have vacation property where RV parking is allowed? Have property in the country? Tiny Houses on Wheels can be built to be plug and play of off the grid.
While you or your contractor are preparing the building site and lining up helpers for the house raising party, our state of the art factory will be fabricating your panel floor, walls and roof to your custom plan When your package arrives it can be assembled in just a matter of a couple days by you and a few friends, most client have us stick around to show them how to safely and correctly close in the house.

We offer customization of our stock Tiny House on Wheels plans for $249.00 This includes moving and resizing windows and the door plus adding skylights etc.
This is done online in real time as you watch the model of your home change to your needs.

Tiny Houses on Wheels (THoWs) are considered a “Park Model” by the state of Washington and many others.
The following document is a general overview of how Artisan THoWs are constructed to align with the ANSI 119.5 Code that governs the construction of Park Models.
See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Park_model.

Trailer (Chassis):

Our Trailer frames are designed and engineered to provide the extra strength needed during the construction and transportation of your home.  During the design process our engineering team have modeled and built several designs in their quest for a unit that will provide a trailer that will meet or exceed the industry standard without adding extra weight
Our frames are built on a specialty jig to ensure they are square and striaght each time.  A high strength steel tube main frame is used along with structural channel for cross members providing a much stronger frame. The outrigger’s use a full tube profile instead of a Z and are placed at 24 inches along the frame for added stability and support.
Take a look at our trailers here


Our Fully insulated edge to edge floor system consist of a 4-1/2” R-20 Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) over a ½” pressure treated plywood subfloor. The wood floor system must be separated from the steel frame or it will rot from condensation. Using a 2 x 4  inside the SIP perimeter makes it the strongest and best insulated floor in the industry.  Materials and construction standards are an important factor for the start of any Tiny House build. Don’t start your project on anything but the best. Our floor system can be installed on our trailer in half a day with four people.


Exterior walls are 4-1/2″ R-20 SIPs, With structural Insulated Panels SIPs there is a minimum of a 50% reduction in thermal bridging.  With SIPs you can attach cabinets, art and other items anywhere with no need to find a stud.  All exterior SIP walls are securely fastened to the floor at 3” on center inside and out. These walls have an axel (vertical) load value of up to 3500 per lineal foot. With our 3 inch on center nailing pattern we achieve a shear value of up to 700 lbs. per Lineal foot. Then Simpson™ steel tension tie straps are applied to further strengthen the wall attachment to the trailer. That finishes off the exterior walls before the weather resistive barrier and siding are applied.


All of our roof systems use 4-1/2” R-20 or 6-1/2” R-30 SIPs. Using structural insulated panels SIPs provides a fully insulated roof for your home. No rafters to interrupt the insulation. Our 4-1/2” panel provides for a 67 lbs. per square foot uniform (dead and snow) load. With the 6-1/2 panel that can be as high as 86 lbs. per square foot.

Why is this strength needed? Think of hauling your tiny house as it having to survive a class one hurricane (70mph) along with an earthquake every time you hit a pot hole.

Finding the right Tiny House on Wheels Plan

for you is as easy as choosing the width 8′-0″ / 8′-4″ or 8′-9″  select the Length 12 ft. 16 ft. 20 ft. 24 ft. 28 ft. in a pull behind style or a 32 ft. and 36 ft. 5th wheel style. Then choose a roof style. Now your ready to order one of our stock tiny house plans.

All of our trailers and SIP packages are custom designed to meet or exceed the Park Model Code ANSI A119.5. Once your your home is ready, we offer the ability to pick up your trailer load the panel kit on it and deliver it to your build site. Please see our catalog for further details.

See Here for a sample 3D Model

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