The Plans:

Discovery Sheet: This one-page (12” x 18” PDF) document is a color perspective rendering as well as diagrams of a floor plan, elevation and a section through the building. It’s a great way to look at and share your idea with folks to see if it’s something you’d really like to do. If so, come back and buy the more detailed Drawing Set.

Drawing Set: This is a set of 5-7 pages of drawings (12” x 18” PDF’s) and includes a full-page color perspective rendering, a floor plan with dimensions, the elevations and sections.

This is also called the schematic design and will give you enough information in a larger format to begin gathering information for your project. After filling in some of the details, you can take this to a builder and/or sub-contractor(s) for estimating costs to see if it’s going to fit your budget.

From this Drawing Set, we can also provide you with an Estimate for the structural insulated panel (SIP) package. It will not be a firm Quote until a final set of architectural drawings and any engineering, if required are complete.

Full Set of Construction Documents: This is a full set of architectural drawings suitable for taking to a contractor and/or submitting for your building permit, if required.