Designing with Templates is SIMPLE

Using 3D modeling and Building Templates the design process is quick and easy. Many time it only takes one or two hours of joint collaboration to move from a template to a finished design.
Using our step by step method you are in control every step of the way.

Building with SIPs is EASY

Using large pre-cut panels is the modern way to energy efficiency and quick assembly. You can be out of the weather in days instead of weeks. With Platinum foam panels for the floor, walls and roof of your new building you can save hundred of dollars in heating and cooling cost. More importantly you will finally have a comfortable building year round.

Plans designed to use Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

  • Quick customization of those plans to make them fit Your site and Your use.

  • Providing you with a custom Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) package
    with accessories and delivery right to your building site.

  • Providing on site assembly assistance for you and your crew if needed.

Tiny House on Wheels

Trailer and Panel Kits to make your dream a reality

Artisan Dwelling Units

Small Homes – Cabins  Cottages – ADUs

Backyard Structures

Shops – Offices – and Studios


One of our best builds ever. Dylan and Alda were such a joy to work with on their project.
It is an 8′-9″ X 28′ pull behind.

Read “Building Your Moveable Tiny House with Mindfulness” to save time and money, before you start building.

15 chapters packed full of valuable information to help you suceed

We are here for the owner builder or contractor who wants to build with SIPs

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